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RMTi comprises of gentle movements that has been used in Sweden for over 25 years to encourage the development of primitive reflexes and neural network pathway growth in the brain, both of which are essential for laying the foundation of development, posture, learning, emotions and behavior.


Teachers will end each daily physical session with the RMTi passive movements with the intention to calm the individual's system and integrate the primitive reflexes that are often the root of many challenges.


Teachers are trained to use physical and rhythmic movements by way of fun, indoor activities to help each student connect, stimulate and strengthen his or her brain's neural pathways necessary for physical, social, emotional and intellectual success. Regular exercise encourages the brain's capacity for learning, memory and other important cognitive functions. In addition, active children performed better on memory tests than kinds who are less active.



Children will be exposed to brain stimulating activities such as creeping, rolling, jumping and climbing. They are encouraged to spend time on the floor learning skills like commando crawls, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, bridges and handstand. These activities help build coordination, strength and problem-solving, balancing and observation skills, as well as body awareness.