is for each of student to lead a happy, fulfilling and independent life through appropriate intervention in a safe and supportive environment.
Brain Connection (BC) is a learning centre that specializes in providing education for children and teenagers with special learning needs such as Global Development Delay (GDD), Autism, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia.
is that each individual has the ability to excel academically or participate in activities or even jobs that can eventually help them be included in society.
for our students is they truly live a quality life that they want and prefer.
of a ‘Successful Individual’ is someone who is able to carry out tasks whether it’s in the area of work, daily living skills or leisure activities while leading a life that he or she desires.
Teachers are trained to use physical and rhythmic movements by way of fun, indoor activities to help each student connect, stimulate and strengthen his or her brain's neural pathways necessary for physical, social, emotional and intellectual success. Regular exercise encourages the brain's capacity for learning, memory and other important cognitive functions. In addition, active children performed better on memory tests than kids who are less active.





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Peck Hoon

“I was introduced to Brain Connection when I pulled out my boy from kindergarten because he had fallen so far behind. Before I enrolled him at BC, he could not do phonics, hardly speak and lack of social skills. With a low student to teacher ratio and the individualized lesson plan, my boy is showing improvement in his overall learning abilities. The daily physical exercises have also helped in improving his cognitive, sensory and motor skills.”

Puan Nor Rizzah

“Danish has been with Brain Connection for almost 2 years now. He started with poor academic skills and very little speech. But now, he has shown improvement in his speech, social and communication skills. The daily physical activities have helped in boosting his self-confidence. The School Readiness Programme has helped to prepare Danish for mainstream school next year.”


Dr Rafidah

“Fateh used to have low tolerance to frustration, speech delay, weak motor skill, and short attention span. He also had difficulty reading and doing worksheets. After a year of enrolling into BC’s school readiness programme, he is now reading simple words, able to count and do simple math exercises. He has much better grip and able to write better. Even his occupational therapist has noticed he’s now able to control his emotion much better. And he has started communicating well with family and friends.”

Dr Chow Poh Lee

“Nexon joined BC School Readiness Programme when he was three and he is six years old now. He had weak eye contact and very little communication skill. We started seeing improvement after a year of schooling. He started to have better receptive and communication skills, he can focus better at table task and slowly picking up on his gross and fine motor skills. Although he’s still in the ASD spectrum, Nexon has improved tremendously in his academic programme. BC teachers have also helped a lot in prepping him with social stories to help in regulating his mood swing. Thank you all teachers for your patience.”


Mrs Tang

“Tarey joined BC School Readiness Programme when she was 4 years old. She is now 8 years old and currently in the Primary division. As an autistic child, she has improved a lot in various aspects which I would like to credit the effort that the founder and teachers have continuously put in. The founder is consistently improvising programmes which are targeted in helping our kids with challenges to grow and progress. Thank you Brain Connection.”

Mrs Ooi

“Jun Chen has been with Brain Connection for 5 years now. When he first started he has poor gross and fine motor skills, hardly speak and has limited interaction with friends. We now see great improvement. He is interacting well with friends, started talking in sentences, able to do all the physical activities, and is writing, reading and doing worksheets.”


Mrs Chin

“Jeremy joined BC Homeschool programme 21/2 years ago. He is an ASD child with occasional behaviour tantrum. When he is not able to understand what his teacher wants, and whenever a new concept is being taught, Jeremy has the tendency to get very upset. After joining BC Functional and prevocational class, he has started to show improvement academically, and is now a happy boy and enjoys going to school.”


Mei Ling

“My Son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 years old. I have tried many therapies, and homeschools but was not happy with his progress. I heard about Brain Connection through a friend who had enrolled her son and was seeing good progress. Hence, I decided to give it a try. Now my son has better eye contact, started speaking more, has better play skills, and is slowly catching up with his academic work. Most importantly, I can now interact with my son. Thank you BC for everything.”



A conducive learning environment is essential for our students to develop their full potential.


A conducive learning environment is essential for our students to develop their full potential.