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“For the past 2 years, Brain Connection has helped my boy developed cognitive, gross and fine motor skills which he was lacking. Today at 5 years old, I see tremendous improvement in his speech, reading and counting. Thank you Brain Connection for helping him grow into what he is today.”

           - Cynthia Lau -

“The foundation programme that is set up by Brain Connection has helped Xander with his academic work. We see great progress in his reading, mathematics, and even Bahasa Malaysia. The teacher’s dedication and patience has helped him in overcoming his anxiety. He is now more confident and comfortable in learning new things/subjects. The foundation programme has helped him in preparation for Year 1.”

 - Siew Hoon -

“When my boy started in April, he could hardly recognize any letters. We watch our boy progresses and now he is able to read aloud every letter printed on our t-shirts! We are very happy with his progress at Brain Connection so far, and have decided to let him stay on next year.”

             - Pheng Lin -

“Sattrryin has been with Brain Connection since January 2016. It has been a good nine months, and he has improved a lot socially and academically. He is communicating well, and has become quite playful with us at home. He understands instruction better and is more alert with people and surroundings. Most importantly he is a happy boy now and enjoys going to school every day. Thanks a lot to Ms. Adeline and to all the teachers at BC who are guiding and teaching him with love and care.”

    - Hemalatha Batumalay -.

“My daughter, Ziqi started attending the School Readiness Programme at Brain Connection in January 2016. This is her fourth school since she started her preschool. And now we are truly happy to have found this centre. In such a short period, my daughter has improved physically, academically and socially.”

                - Ms. Lim -

“I was introduced to Brain Connection when I pulled out my boy from kindergarten because he had fallen so far behind. Before I enrolled him at BC, he could not do phonics, hardly speak and lack of social skills. With a low student to teacher ratio and the individualized lesson plan, my boy is showing improvement in his overall learning abilities. The daily physical exercises have also helped in improving his cognitive, sensory and motor skills.”

           - Peck Hoon -

“We are very happy and proud to see our son, Aiden making good progress in Brain Connection. We see improvement in his gross motor skills, and his engagement with people around him has improved after joining BC just six months ago. We would like to convey our deepest appreciation to both Adeline and her team of teachers who have been extremely patient and understanding in nurturing and encouraging Aiden so far.”

     - Ms. Lee -

“My Son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 years old. I have tried many therapies, and homeschools but was not happy with his progress. I heard about Brain Connection through a friend who had enrolled her son and was seeing good progress. Hence, I decided to give it a try. Now my son has better eye contact, started speaking more, has better play skills, and is slowly catching up with his academic work. Most importantly, I can now interact with my son. Thank you BC for everything.”

                - Mei Ling -

“Jun Chen has been with Brain Connection for 2 years now. When he first started he has poor gross and fine motor skills, hardly speak and has limited interaction with friends. We now see great improvement. He is interacting well with friends, started talking in sentences, able to do all the physical activities, and is writing, reading and doing worksheets.”

   - Mrs. Ooi -

“I have been looking for a centre like Brain Connection for my boy Wo Heng. A centre that not only focuses on school work but also lots of physical movements and activities. I strongly believe that for children with special needs to improve, they need to be exposed to lots of physical exercises. I am happy to have found BC, and to see my boy progressing each day.”

   - Mrs. Kok -

“Gabriel joined Brain Connection (BC) more than a year ago, and since then my husband and I started seeing great improvement. BC has created an encouraging and a conducive preschool environment in which he is now more open, enthusiastic and passionate in learning. Within a short period, Gabriel is able to apply concepts (English and maths), taught to read, put words together to form short sentences, count and perform simple calculations. In his recent follow-up, his developmental pediatrician noted positive changes in him in which he is more expressive, interactive and focus. She was impressed by his ability to blend phonic sounds and read well. Most importantly, Gabriel enjoys going to BC every day. My sincere thanks to Adeline and Gabriel’s dedicated teachers.”

               - Mrs. Yeo -

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